Monday, December 31, 2007

The Way to Arrive in Style

Limousine services caters all sorts of events whether limousine service for prom or wedding, airport limo, corporate meetings, government dignitaries assembly, or simply to tour around town or just about anything that requires stylish movement of people from place to place. Surely the only way to travel with no less than regal elegance and style is in a chauffeur driven Limo. To simply put an example: Riding a New York Limo is far more elegant than riding a taxicab in New York.

Limousines, or simply Limo, are unusually long vehicles for luxurious travelers. It is an automobile associated with the well to do or the upper class men and women of the society. But do you know that the term Limousine came from a place called ‘Limousin.’ Limousin is a rural region in France famous for tasty beef cattle, exquisite wines and the infamous French Oak Orchards. Also, Limousin meant a certain type of specialized country coat or cloak made of wool fiber from sheep or goat. Shepherds in the region use Limousin coat or cloak during cold nights for it provides superior warmth and comfort against the bitter cold weather.

Similarly, Limousine ride meant luxury, comfort, fame and, nowadays, safety. It provides the best possible comfort, warmth and privacy. Also, most, if not all, Limousine services come with exquisite wines readily available on their mini bar. Limousines, on most cases, have two to three major compartments. Typically, the partition between the chauffeur compartment and passengers’ compartment is a soundproof sliding glass window so that the chauffeur is not hearing conversations among passengers. A third compartment is dedicated to luggage.

Chauffeurs drive limousines. A chauffeur, although it literally means driver in French or anyone who drives a vehicle for a living, is somewhat ‘one-up’ than any land vehicle driver. Chauffeur, nowadays, connotes driving a luxury car and not just any car. In some places a plus premium or qualifier for a chauffeur, aside from state issued driver’s license, are other licenses which attest them to have reached certain minimum age and years of clean driving experience (meaning no record of accident involving vehicles whether minor or major).

There are several types of Limousines to choose from based on the taste, level of comfort and elegance you are looking for. There is the traditional, the stage and the exotic or customized limo. Limousines usually come in black or white color; though rarely there are also other colors like pink, magenta and blue. Aside from manufactured Limos, there are also vehicles converted to become limousines. Today, almost all types of sedan car can be converted, or stretched, into Limousine. There are auto shops that specialize on this job, catering the wishes of clienteles who wanted custom built Limousine. Nowadays, Limousines can be equipped with almost all sorts of features in the name of elegance, comfort and safety. From bulletproofing to mini bars and hot tubs to GPS navigation systems and other multitude of features customized to fit every whims and wants of those who can afford.

Looking For A Used Ford

If you are looking for a used Ford then going online with a specialist used car website can considerably cut down the time you spend on your search for the car. A specialist site will offer all the tools needed for you to find your ideal used car by giving you access to tools which you can tailor to your needs such as the used car search engine to ensure that you are only spending time on the model of Ford you are interested in.

To begin with you can use the extensive search tool which all specialist used car websites will offer, this allows you to search not only for a used Ford but you can also search based on the area in which you wish to travel, the price of the car, model of car and any extras you wish to have and even down to the colour if needed. This is without a doubt the quickest and easiest ways of narrowing down you search so that you only have to look through the exact model you have in mind rather than wade through pages of cars you are not interested in. Some of the bigger used car websites will have thousands of used cars and even a huge range of used Fords so using a search engine to narrow down your choices is essential.

Once you have narrowed down what is on offer using the search engine you could still be left with a huge choice of cars. You can either narrow down your search even more or start to compare the choices of used Ford you have found. To help you there should be good clear photographs of the car from the front, back, sides and if you are lucky the interior of the car and this can give you a good indication of the bodywork of the car. There should also be a detailed listing with all the necessary information regarding the car such as the shape it is in, how many miles it has done, the price and of course if the seller is honest any problems the car has.

You do have to be aware of any used Ford that seems too good to be true. While there are many honest sellers just looking to pass on their car there are also some unscrupulous dealers who will try to make a profit from an old banger, often posing as a private seller. If you don’t know anything about used cars and in particular a used Ford then it is essential that you get advice before going to actually view the car and hand over your money. Again a specialist used car website can come in very handy, they should offer articles, hints, tips and advice on what to look for when it comes to going and viewing the car. Taking their advice can save you a lot of problems in the future and you should follow it if you want to avoid being ripped off by an unscrupulous dealer trading as a private seller.

New Engine Takes Power from the AIR

Inventor “Carl Hefley” states “Our new patented engine uses all types of fuel including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, corn oil, natural gas, propane, ethanol E-85 and even hydrogen enriched-combinations. Hydrogen is considered the “greenest” of fuels leaving only water in the exhaust, there’s absolutely nothing harmful to effect the environment. The new engine can change to new fuels within seconds!

“But that’s not all” Mr. Hefley goes on. “My new engine uses more oxygen that any other gasoline car engine being produced. The air is almost 21 percent oxygen. Gasoline engines for example can use about 12 times normal oxygen levels by compressing the air. However, conventional engines only use these high amounts of oxygen when running almost wide open (where the most power is produced for the fuel consumed). In reality you only need to run your big car engine wide open on occasion. Closing the throttle just starves the engine from using this highly efficient power booster OXYGEN. The answer is simple, instead of throttling back the engine, our engine simply shrinks in size but still runs almost wide open where the oxygen can continue to boost power. When more power is need, our engine just quickly and smoothly increases its size. This makes for amazing efficiency and economy while still providing all the power that is required.”

I asked Mr. Hefley how long it would take to get the new engine in production. He replied, “Not long at all. We have a great advantage since we use many of the well-proven components of conventional engines. No this is not an add-on; this is a completely new patented engine design that just works much better! My new advanced technology is known as variable displacement with variable compression ratio. Many of the top automobile makers have tried to perfect this concept since they know of its advantages. But, we have perfected it and also simplified it. As soon as financing is in place we will move ahead very quickly.”

In looking at Mr. Hefley’s website, I was amazed how clear and precise his 3-D animated engines were displayed. There is one area called The Hefley workshop where the designs were displayed in great detail. As I viewed them, his voice came on explaining them thoroughly. I am sure no other inventor has ever taken the time to illustrate and explain the patented designs so well!

I asked Mr. Hefley about the crossovers and hybrids we hear so much about. He answered. “Our engine works well on small and larger vehicles. Crossovers and hybrids would NOT be required to get amazing economy. However, our engine is easily adapted to work with hybrid and crossover technology.

If you would like to contact Mr. Hefley, try his email below. Be sure to out his website.

Your interest and support will help make this incredible new engine a reality. I can’t wait to start driving my own new energy efficient HEFLEY ENGINE!

Take Advantage Of The Search Option On A Used Car Website To Find Your Used Vauxhall

If you are looking to buy a used Vauxhall then you should take advantage of the search feature that a specialist used car website will offer along with many other helpful tools when making a search for a used car. And of course they should also offer plenty of free advice, hints and tips on how to get the best out of the search and also when it comes to going and looking the car over and taking it for a test drive.

The search feature offered by a specialist used car website is different from the standard search engine that you would normally use online. This search engine should allow you to scour what is on offer based on a huge range of criteria to find the match for the used Vauxhall you are interested in. Because there are many different models of Vauxhall starting with the exact model is a great starting point. After this you are able to narrow down the search even more by how much you want to pay for the car, the radius in which you want to travel, engine size or even colour. By honing your search this way you are not going to be wasting time looking through several web pages of cars that you have no interest in whatsoever.

While a used car website can greatly cut down the time you spend looking for a used Vauxhall there is the disadvantage of not actually being able to see the car and walk around it to get the feel of it, however while you cannot actually be there the majority of specialist websites will encourage the seller to take several good clear photographs of the car including the front, sides and back of the car. While this is not the same it can give you a very good idea of what the car looks like and the state the bodywork is in, you should be very wary of any photographs that have been taken in poor lighting conditions as this could mean that the seller is trying to hide something.

Along with the photographs the seller should have included a detailed listing alongside the photo; the more descriptive the better as this is how you are going to be able to narrow down from the choices of used Vauxhall that the search engine provided. If the seller has taken the trouble not only the essential information will be listed but also any additional features which make the car stand out from above the rest. Of course there will also be contact information included with the listing which allows you to ask any questions you have regarding the used Vauxhall which haven’t been answered in the listing.

Without a doubt taking advantage of the search engine that a specialist used car website offers is the quickest way of finding a used Vauxhall and along with this you can also benefit from the information and hints and tips which a website such as this offers to not only help you get the most out of the search but also when it comes to looking the car over and taking it for a test drive.

Winter Driving Hazards And Cautions

It's that time of year again, when temperatures drop and ice and snow become the norm. Here are some of the most common winter driving hazards and cautions with tips on how to avoid or prepare for them.

Be Prepared

Before winter is in full swing, it's important to take steps to insure that your vehicle is properly prepared. This includes checking your battery, windshield wipers, tires, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, spare tire, heater, defroster, any element that you were experiencing problems with and checking for any leaks. If your vehicle is in need of a tuneup or oil change, get these things done before winter hits. If you live in a region that gets alot of rain or snow, then consider getting special tires for these conditions. Also keep a set of tire chains with you at all times.

Getting Stuck

Should you get stuck somewhere due to being stuck in snow or some roads that you need to travel on are closed, you should have some essential emergency supplies with you. These include blankets, several day supply of food, several gallons of water, rope, flashlight, first aid kit, extra clothing, shovel, cat litter for traction if tires are stuck, scraper, jumper cables and a wheel wrench and wheel jack.

Keeping Warm

One excellent tip for keeping warm if stuck in your vehicle for a long period of time is to carry a candle and some matches or a lighter. Lighting a candle in the middle of your car can keep your entire vehicle warm while it is lit. So have some long lasting candles in your car and you won't be cold if you get stuck.

Black Ice

Black ice is one of the worst hazards you can come upon when driving. You usually can't tell you are on it until you start sliding. Worse yet, if you hit your brakes, it can cause you to slide even more or even overturn. The best defense for black ice is simply to go slow in areas where you know the ground is frozen and it's been raining or snowing. In addition, you can use caution when applying your brakes if you start to slide. Pump your brakes slowly if you find yourself starting to slide. Also, if you start sliding in one area, it's likely there are more areas of the road ahead that have ice on them, so stay alert and keep driving slow and cautiously.

Unexpected Weather

The best protection from unexpected weather is to keep your radio on and stay tuned to a news and weather station. They will let you know of any hazards, whether to watch out for ice, snow, rain or fog and whether any roads are closed or require chains. You'll also want to keep a weather band or emergency radio in your trunk at all times with fresh batteries and extra batteries.

Handy Gadgets

The right technology can save your life. Consider getting a GPS for your vehicle, or a portable GPS. A GPS can stop you from getting lost and if you get stuck somewhere unfamiliar, it will show you how to get out and find help. A cell phone is something just about everyone has in their vehicle anyway. But consider keeping either a hand crank battery generator or a battery powered cell phone generator in your vehicle. Some flashlights and emergency radios come with a hand crank on the side, which you can hook up to your cell phone and give yourself virtually unlimited cell phone power, which can be a lifesaver in itself.

Fiberglass Tonneau Covers, Reduce Gas Mileage

Fiberglass tonneau covers are becoming more popular among truck accessories today. They are very easy to install, light weight, and easy to manage. Even though the fiberglass truck bed covers are light, they are tough and withstand inclement weather conditions and roads with pot holes and dips.

If you want to add beauty to your truck, with simple installation and almost no drilling, this is a long-term investment with which you will be pleased.

Simple lifting without straining yourself and easy access to the truck bed is a feature all tonneau covers offer. Most fiberglass tonneau covers open from the tailgate, and the hinges are present near the bed of the truck.

Fiberglass truck tonneau covers are manufactured so they can be painted and matched to the exact color of your truck. This sleek design and added accessory is a real head turner. Your vehicle will look like it is ready to enter a show because of this simple upgrade.

There are also a variety of covers that have a handle near the tailgate, adding to a more polished, expensive-looking appearance for your vehicle. Along with the beauty and style added, you have increased security of your gear.

How about adding a special emblem for that finishing touch? With many name brands to choose from, such as Access, Bestop, Gaylord, Masters, Pace Edwards, Truxedo, and others, the sky is the limit to choosing the best cover for your truck.

Hard tonneau covers may also come with a keyless remote system, which is yet another theft deterrent and ease of accessibility for you.

Almost all truck bed covers are custom made for your pick-up truck. All the necessary hardware needed for simple installation is provided along with the cover. The covers not requiring drilling are secured to the bed of your truck with heavy-duty clamps.

The hard fiberglass tonneau cover has a special locking systems so the loads kept in the back of the truck bed are secure. Some models even include a wing at the back, which adds to the aerodynamic style of the truck and makes for great savings on gas.

Quite a few truck owners purchase their vehicle to have more room to haul around a variety of gear. They wind up needing to lug their tools in and out of their truck every night, for fear of theft. If the room your truck provides is not secure, then you are literally wasting over 80 per cent of your truck’s space. You can also choose a tool box with tonneau cover, especially designed for anyone owning a lot of tools for their specific trade.

Therefore, it is more important to protect your cargo from getting damaged from not only the ever-changing weather conditions, but from would-be-thieves waiting to steal your expensive property. With the rise of truck break-ins, this type of theft deterrent system is a must.

The designs and benefits of these covers have been refined and improved by constant redesigning and engineering. After researching the price of different truck bed covers, you must decide which one fits your particular needs and budget.

Prior to your purchase, think about all of the ways in which you use your vehicle and cargo area. There are tonneau covers that open in one piece, like the hood of the car, while others can be stretched and locked with the tailgate. New and different styles are being introduced all the time, because truck owners are speaking up and telling the manufacturers what they need.

All the vendors of the fiberglass tonneau cover use the maximum space available, and thus produce the covers all the way to the tailgate. The benefits of these truck tonneau covers are noticed immediately after its installation. You can see the new sleek style of your truck, and feel the added safety and security of your gear.

Take Care Of Your Woodie Station Wagon

Nothing signifies surfing on the west coast of North America as much as “Woodies” – Wooden station wagons. They were inexpensive, could carry a surf board or boards easily. As well they could serve as a crash pad at night, parked along the beach or in a parking lot whether it be on the coast at a California, British Columbia or Oregon beach.

Initially woodies had a place since many potential car and automobile buyers who could not afford new station wagons would have bought such cars second hand. A wood body that was well card for seemed to last for years and years- even in humid climates such as Vancouver. It was true however that a portion of these woodies were not cared for by their owners and as such there were many lemons among this crowd.

When moisture gets into the cracks and open joints of a “Woodie” or as well into rips in the roof fabric, all sorts of decay can result. It’s a situation like the Titanic. What lies below the surface of the body of the vehicle can often be much more serious than an owner or potential buyer can think or even imagine.

A wagon that had been driven regularly every day is likely to be in better shape than one that stood around for weeks, or even months, in a damp garage – because the moisture would have been shaken out of it and dried up by the sun. It pays to look twice at a station wagon that has not gone as far as it its age would lead you to expect. It may be in worse shape than a similar vehicle with a much higher odometer reading or a newer vintage.

Neglect will be costly to you as a buyer of a vintage Woody automobile. Wood bodies were not self maintaining. A wooden body should have been maintained and revarnished every six months. The best finish is the most dangerous, however, if the joints are not filled properly. Wood filler should be worked into all cracks and coverered with a thin line of varnish. Otherwise water will have entered these cracks and be trapped under the heavy finish – eventually eating away the wood.

Similarly tears and small openings between the roof and the molding should be sealed promptly with weather strip cement. Paint, wax and varnish should not be used on fabric roofs. They will cause the fabric to crack. A light application of thin oil will keep these fabrics more than pliable.

Watch out that the drainage holes in the bottoms of doors and below the vintage sliding glass panes must also be kept open to preserve a Woodie Wagon’s body. This can be done very easily and simply by poking a stiff wire up through the holes occasionally.

Be careful of danger signs when evaluating vintage Woodie station wagons. Among the signs are – a musty smell, ugly fungus growths on the inside wood as well as discolored wood either inside or outside of the auto. Any of these signs of trouble can mean a fair amount of work will have to be done on the wagon within a year. Black or green discoloration is usually very serious, but gray areas along the top edges of horizontal frame members. The direct rays of the sun affect these edges most, and the grey spots usually can be bleached out and revarnished.

Lastly watch out decayed wood and patchwork repairs that have been concealed by paint. Look carefully for any depression in the surface of such a car body, and for cracks where there are no joints. Press these areas with your fingernail. If the wood is soft, and there are a number of such places move on. A very presentable Woodie station wagon auto is the very emblem of the California surfing image. Help maintain the tradition.

Electric Car Designs; What Is Missing?

by: Terry Bolton

There are yearly contests for engineering students, as well as high school students that can enter their electric car designs that promote the development of this automotive technology. Despite the fact the electric auto has been manufactured, and forgotten there is a continuous push for more optimal designs that can utilize battery or solar power to move a vehicle.

El Car Designs Do Not Differ that much from Conventional

Electric cars look like conventional cars aesthetically, both when it comes to exterior and interior. The same great and pretty designs are available, and friends and family will hardly be able to tell the difference. However, some new and simmering are emerging even today that promise better efficiency because unlike conventional cars which essentially only stress their aesthetics, electric vehicles also focus on the insides.

A question many people ask is; what exactly makes electric car designs different from other designs of conventional cars? Well, most electric automobiles bypass the use of gasoline and an engine completely although some have a secondary engine and storage tank in case the battery dies. Rather than using gasoline as a primary source of power, electric car design call for the usage of electricity like the name implies. A huge battery, made from materials like lithium ion - which is similar to performance batteries found in electronics like notebook computers - powers an efficient electric motor. New designs allow electric vehicles to travel up to fifty miles or more on a single charge.

Neat Usefulness

While conventional cars can easily travel 250 miles on a tank of gas, electric cars don't yet have the ability to go even close to hundred miles on a single charge. Keep in mind though that electricity is still much cheaper than gasoline. Nuclear power, hydroelectricity, and other sources of power, can power an electric vehicle indirectly by empowering the lines that the vehicle is charged from at a cost as low as about one cent per mile. The most fuel efficient conventional automobiles still cost around 7.5 cents per mile. It's unlikely that conventional engines will become significant more efficient, which is why research and development has occurred with regard to alternatives such as fuel made of hydrogen and other chemicals as well as electricity

Electric car designs should not be confused with design of hybrid cars. Hybrid cars utilize technologies from both conventional and electric cars to achieve slightly better fuel efficiency while lowering emissions, but they will probably never be as efficient as electric cars. Several families own two or more vehicles, so they would still have a long range car for vacations and business trips. For a car that's cheap and efficient for everyday transportation, an electric vehicle is the perfect solution.

The Benefits Of Vehicle Parking Sensors

by: David Ostiguy

Many articles have been written about vehicles that prevent a person from swerving; cars that automatically slow down or stop when the vehicle comes too close to an object, or my personal favorite, self parking vehicles.

Most Luxury cars will have a feature where the driver will press a “Self Parking Button,” and the vehicle will park itself. But what about the people who cannot afford a luxury car? Instead of going out and spending an arm and a leg, why don’t you consider the option of purchasing a Parking Sensor Kit? There are many kits to choose from that all range in price to fit anyone’s budget. Parking Sensors go as low as $50. The Sensor Kit is easy to install and fits any vehicle. Some of the pricier kits require a little more work to install. If you are not comfortable with removing the bumper of a vehicle yourself, you could easily find an Installation Technician at just about any place that installs Stereo Equipment.

Vehicle Parking Sensors are a wise investment. It was recently reported that the number of children that are injured in parking accidents are equal to the amount of children killed in auto accidents. Vehicle Parking Sensors could be responsible in reducing reversing accidents by 75% and will pay for themselves in the long run by preventing these kinds of accidents. This will save you money on insurance claims and will also keep monthly premiums low.

Each Kit usually comes with 4-8 sensors. Others come with a metallic strip that is installed behind the bumper. The Sensors are either all ultrasonic, or a combination of ultrasonic and radar. As the vehicle reverses towards an object, the LED screen will beep. The closer you get to an object, the faster the beeping.

With all of the money you’ll be saving by preventing auto accidents, you may be able to afford that Luxury Car after all!

Visit for affordable Parking Sensors, blogs and more…

Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays

by: Valerie Nay

Every year during the holiday season TV, radio, newspapers and others talk a lot about the hazards of drunk driving and remind us to be careful. Extra police are on the streets and many cities set up sobriety checkpoints to catch drunk drivers on nights when there are likely to be more parties.

This extra focus reduces the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents and makes all of us safer on the road during the holidays.

Drunk drivers aren’t the only hazard on the road during the holidays, though. While most of us would never dream of getting behind the wheel drunk, we could still be creating serious dangers without thinking about it.

Holiday Madness

Juggling normal responsibilities with shopping, parties, and extra school events can make a normally safe driver a literal wreck. Even if you are always calm and collected, remember that other drivers may be more on edge than usual and take these precautions.

*Be extra patient and make allowances for other people and the mistakes they make. Don’t forget to watch out for pedestrians as well as other drivers.

*Try to keep your attention on what you are doing. Not only could they cause you to make a mistake, but cell phones, eating and other distractions keep you from paying attention to other people and the silly errors they can make.

*Be especially careful in parking lots crammed with cars and pedestrians at this time of year. Take it a little slower than normal to avoid fender benders or worse.

*Take note of your emotions and consider taking a break if you get too stressed out, irritated or emotional. Get a cup of coffee or tea and relax for 10 minutes before you dive back in to the frenzy.

Holiday Fatigue

Another danger that is often forgotten, but also a huge problem during this hectic time of year, is driving while drowsy. Falling asleep at the wheel is obviously the most dangerous result, but tired drivers also tend to be more irritable and impatient.

This year like normal there will no doubt be many people who leave work on Friday and start out on long-distance trips to be with family or friends. College students whose holiday break begin after classes on Friday may be headed home as well.

Here are some recommendations you should consider and pass along to family members and friends who may be traveling by car during the holidays:

*Don’t start your journey tired. Be aware of the risks if you get up unusually early to start your trip or leave directly from work or school when you are tired.

*Plan your trip to include a 15-minute break every two hours.

*Make sure that you and everyone on your trip is carrying emergency contact information and valid identification.

*Share the driving if possible. Safety experts recommend switching off every three hours.

*You’re too tired to drive if you start drifting from your lane, hitting rumble strips, yawning repeatedly, having difficulty focusing or keeping your eyes open, missing road signs or tailgating. Pull over to a safe place as soon as possible, drink a high caffeine drink and take a 15-minute nap.

Megaloud - A New Concept in Car Audio

by: Vincent Craine

For so many years we have relied on the car audio manufactures to put out a great product that we could enjoy listening to. Well just the opposite has happened for the last several years. Many manufactures have tried to find ways to make a profit by selling diluted quality. They have spent thousands of dollars on advertising by pulling full page adds in all the top car audio and car magazines so they could Brain Wash you on how good their product is.

The problem with this is the quality each year keeps going down as the cost rises. The only one loosing is YOU!

Well the time has come to stand up and say enough is enough and demand an honest car audio line that does not depend on mass production and lower quality to survive.

My name is Vince Craine and I want to introduce you to the NEW buzz in the car audio industry. Simply put this new line resulted from one mans dream to produce the best car audio products on the market and make them affordable to the average car audio enthusiast as well as the very competitive car audio competitor.

Introducing Megaloud Inferno Series

Megaloud is brand new concept in car audio. Megelound produces music so crystal clear you won’t believe your own ears. 6 years of Black Board testing has now resulted in the best top of the line audio series without breaking the bank! There is no doubt Megaloud car audio will soon become one of the best lines in the world. (Hint: It’s already there!)

The man behind the dream and inventor is Milt Nasiopoulos… he’s been taking care of car audio enthusiast for decades. Milts passion for car audio started way before he graduated as an electrical engineer from one of the finest colleges in New York.

As a teenager he had a love for music and an ear for quality. As a competitor he tried many different lines but was not satisfied and in his heart felt he had the ability and talent to build a car audio line that would please not only him but also many of his fellow car audio enthusiasts. After many years of testing and blackboard trial he reached his goal. Megaloud was born...! This is a very high end line that will surpass all expectations from his critics and set new standards in the car audio world.

A Used Mercedes Benz Can Be Found Online Quickly

by: Louis Rix

If you are looking for a used Mercedes Benz then you have access to a virtual showroom which you can tailor towards the particular model you are looking for all from the comfort of your own home by way of your home computer and the internet.

Shopping online had become a big thing and when it comes to finding a used Mercedes Benz you are able to complete a tailored search right down to the exact model and colour you are looking for. A specialist used car website gives you all the tools you need to find your ideal used car in the shortest time possible and you are even able to search in the area in which you are willing to travel when it comes to taking a test drive.

Another big advantage of a specialist used car website is the information that you can gain regarding buying used cars and what to look for, the majority of cars that are listed online are what they say they are but then unfortunately some people take advantage and do embellish about the car they are selling. There should be plenty of hints, tips and advice on a specialist used car website and this is where you should start off when it comes to buying a used Mercedes Benz. It is essential that you know what to look for in used cars especially when it comes to going and looking the car over and taking it for a test drive and unless you know a little about cars and especially the Mercedes Benz then it is essential you read up on the car.

When you have narrowed down your search based on the particular model, colour, price and distance you wish to travel then you will have to narrow down your choices even further, to help you do this there should be photographs of the car and if you are lucky these will show you different angles of the car which can give an excellent indication of the state of the car. While the photographs can go a long way to helping you narrow down your choices of used Mercedes Benz the listing that accompanies the photographs can give detailed information regarding the car.

The majority of people who sell their car online will have taken the time to not only out all the essential details into the wording but will also have included anything that makes that particular car stand out such as any additional parts fitted and extras. Of course all of these go a long way to you finding your ideal used Mercedes Benz and can help you to narrow down the list considerably, however once you have narrowed down your choice then of course there will be contact information which then allows you to ask any specific questions regarding the car.

When going to look the car over and take it for a test drive always remember the advice you should have taken beforehand on what to look for in a used Mercedes Benz and always take the car for a test drive before handing over any cash along with making sure that the documents relating to the car are in order and all is upfront.

What You Should Know About International Car Shipping

Historically, people liked fairly stationary lives. It was not at all uncommon for a person live out their entire lives in the same town they were born in, just like their ancestors did, because travel was costly, difficult and sometimes dangerous. Thanks to technological advances in the transportation industry, it is now possible to make a cross country trip in just a few hours. The relative speed and ease of travel has inspired folks to conquer destinations they might have missed out on before. It used to be that international travel was only for wealthy people of leisure who had time for the long, expensive trip, but now there are fast, affordable options for people of all walks of life. Along with passenger transport, cargo transport has grown to accommodate vehicles so that your own car could be waiting for you when you reach your destination. Since shipping a vehicle isn’t an everyday activity for most people, here are some things you need to consider before you get started.

The first thing to do is choose a shipping company. You’d begin the process just like you would when looking for any other kind of business. Look at newspaper ads. Check out the yellow pages or business pages in the phonebook. If you live in a land-locked area, there may not be any such listings in your local phonebook. You should be about to locate some companies on the Internet, and can find the resources to investigate them there also. If you are part of a group that travels frequently, such as the military or executive, your colleagues should be able to give some good advice on the matter. Word of mouth is always your best bet.

After you have chosen a company, or at least narrowed it down to a few, you should be asking a lot of questions and getting the answers in writing. Do not count on a verbal agreement. Most companies will have a clause in there contract that says you will be fined if your car isn’t retrieved with in a certain time. Don’t assume you have to sign whatever they put in front of you “as is”. You can negotiate the date and sometimes even get the clause waived. That will save you money if your plans change. Make sure you are aware of all the possible fines and fees so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Costs will vary greatly depending on the make of vehicle you need to move. Obviously, large ones, like RVs and SUVs take up more room and aren’t as easy to maneuver, so they can bring a bigger price, as can classic cars and those who have been modified. You will need to conduct a thorough inspection of your car with the shipping company and make note of any preexisting damage. Being intimately familiar with the details of your car will help you evaluate the condition in which it is returned to you. Make sure you have plenty of insurance. The shippers will only be responsible for damage they directly inflict. If your car gets a flat or something mechanical goes wrong, they won’t have to cover it. You can visit to find more information about transporting your vehicle abroad.

Moving to a different country can be an adventure or a nightmare. Working with a shipping company that knows the rules and regulations your destination requires of your vehicle will make everything go smoother.

Which Car Did I Park Here?

by: Kathy Austin
Don’t forget you’re the owner of that wonderful Chevrolet Venture; so get a nice grip on the only thing that would get it moving – your key. I am a proud owner of this great model, and this Chevrolet Venture keychain is a perfect companion reminding me constantly the answer to the question “Which one is yours in this sea of parked cars?”

Keys are designed to keep our valuables safe. But losing our key is as annoying as having our stuff stolen sometimes. Owning a Chevy Venture makes me proud with this badge – a leather keychain with a round silver plate engraved with the model name. It reflects my car’s personality (and my own, too!). When this treasured possession got lost, I felt like I went to hell in a week.

Before, I had no trouble explaining to a car park attendant which car is mine because my keychain has the exact model of my car engraved in it. By just a mention of the approximate location, like “It is parked in the second row next to the south entrance” and I am pretty sure he would find it very quickly. Within that week, I had this bad experience giving the car attendant my duplicate key attached to a Mitsubishi keychain. The parking attendant gave me a sharp, suspicious look. I nearly lost my cool to tell him, “Don’t look at me like that! I have all the registrations papers here!”

When the thought of finding a replacement came to me, I Google-searched the item and my eyes immediately caught the image of a fine black leather keychain featuring my Chevy Venture. It’s a not-so-exact replica of the one I’ve lost, it being slightly smaller at three inches tall and 1 1/4 inches wide. It still features the Chevrolet logo and the model name “Venture” highlighted atop a silver round plate with a shiny white plastic backdrop.

Every time I remember my experience which the car park attendant, my hands are moving involuntarily to tap my pockets. I am glad my new keychain is still there.

Here’s another funny anecdote to make you value your keychain more: I had a dinner with my boss in restaurant downtown when it rained like Noah’s time. We parked his car right in front of the restaurant. Trapped in the rain after the sumptuous meal, we were forced to wait at the already jam-packed lobby for about an hour. We do not have umbrellas because these were left inside the car. My poor boss is already fuming mad, ran to his car with a plastic folder on top of his head. He was already soaking wet, and yet he can’t open the door. When he came back to where I was waiting, he was laughing loudly and I thought he had gone crazy. He whispered to me, “Oh my God! What would have happened if the owner of that car saw me? I might have spent the night in jail. Our ride is behind the car I was trying to open like a thief.”

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Work Hard Like The Chevy Astro

The Chevrolet’s Astro has an amazing pulling power of 5,500 lb. Now that is the strength of Chevy's Astro.

Introduced in 1985, Chevy’s Astro is a multi-purpose van that effectively competed with rival Dodge’s Plymouth Voyager and various van models of the Japanese manufacturer Toyata. It is a versatile van and could be used as a standard passenger van or a cargo van. The Astro is also used as the base for ‘converted vans’ designed for a variety of uses. General Motor’s Safari, a truck-based platform, is the sibling of the hardworking Astro.

Astro’s body belongs to the M-Van class and is much like its predecessors, the F-Body and X-Body types manufactured by General Motors.

In its article about Chevy Astro, Wikipedia featured an image of this model of a Coca-Cola delivery van. The impression given is that it is for a targeted group of people. That is why people who drive this van are noticeably hardworking folks or at least that’s what the manufacturers want to convey. And there is way to commend them in a very special way – give them a stylish Chevy Astro Keychains.

Compared to Chrysler minivans, the Astro offers much room. General motors marketed this model using the tagline “life is too big for a minivan.” Astro takes pride in accommodating large numbers of people, more than an ordinary car (up to eight (8) passengers). This makes the model ideal for a mini-school bus, tour van, or a family vacation companion.

The Chevy Astro is undoubtedly a durable model, just what hardworking people are looking for in a multi-purpose van. There is this story about one of the eight Special Edition Astro vans manufactured at the Arlington, Texas plant in 1986. According to Wikipedia, the unit spent 20 years in Belton, Texas and is now an ice cream van in Mexico. Uh! That ice man must be a proud owner of a Chevy Astro! He deserves a fine top grain black leather keychain sporting the Chevy Logo and the model name “Astro”.

And mind you, Astro was also a hit in Japan even if the model is only available in left-hand drive units! Japanese converters must have found its genuine power and durability to be above the class its “own” brands. So our keychain manufacturers must take note. Maybe a keychain featuring the Chevy logo and the name “Astro” in Japanese script could be a hit in Japan.

The last of the Astro and Safari models came out just before May 14, 2005 - the day when its manufacturers decided to take it out of production. Two years had passed since then; and there are still a good number of people still driving this hardy vehicle. There are many loyal fans for the Chevy Astro.

This reliable vehicle deserves an honor badge. So what are you waiting for? Give your hardworking friends a great gift to make them value their fellowship with their own great, reliable vehicle. It is a perfect gift for birthdays or this coming Christmas season.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

It is said that had it not been for a GPS tracking device in OJ Simpson’s mobile phone, he would not have been found to be tried on his wife’s murder. A GPS vehicle tracking device is much like driving around in your car with your mobile phone. It allows a person to locate the current position of a moving vehicle or identify where it’s been and as well, where it is heading. This is ideal for chasing criminals who has just fled the scene of the crime or finding where a suspicious vehicle will be heading next.

A GPS tracking device calculates its position by measuring distances between itself and other GPS satellites. In return, the signals emitted by the satellites carry information about the GPS carrier’s location. Aside from absolute location, other civilian benefits from having GPS vehicle tracking devices include relative movement. Relative movement is useful in ships and vessels to calculate certain time distance calculations including velocity made good toward your destination and crosstrac error calculations.

Additional benefits of using GPS vehicle tracking devices is the ability to know let the carrier know exactly where their vehicle is located and its direction of travel. This technology can also create a digital view of the vehicle’s current position in a geographic map. This information can be valuable in remote locations that do not have established road names or where the vehicle may be traveling off road. More advanced GPS devices can even tell you which turn to take or which roads to take to reach a destination. Life is now easier drivers who simply get on their cars and start their engines without knowing where to go. GPS in vehicles has given everyone the ability to navigate to about any location on the earth. As a result the world is a much small place than it was just a few short years ago. Now we can find our present location, where have been or going to, with a simple click of a button.

So, if you ever wonder where your car may be, your GPS can track where it is to within a few meters. If by chance your car gets stolen, you can easily find where it is heading or where it currently is. Suppose a vehicle stops in the middle of nowhere because of some car trouble, the driver could easily ask for help, or his location could easily be tracked for emergency assistance, that is for as long as there is a signal. GPS tracking will not work without it. This feature has the potential to decrease car theft or even robberies with getaway vehicles. This can also give cheating husbands or spouses a second thought on their actions. Moving around in vehicles with GPS can very well ruin a secret affair because of its non-discreet ability to identify one’s exact location.

Having this new and useful technology, GPS tracking devices in your mobile phones or GPS vehicle tracking devices in your vehicle, we are giving away a part of our lives to be known to others for a price. This loss of privacy is of great concern may many people. Basically we are giving away information about our lives for sake of more information. If you do purchase and install GPS vehicle tracking devices, then you should expect that somebody else can use the GPS tracking information you provide for their own benefit. Unless we a doing something illegal or immoral we really have little fear from the misuse of any GPS tracking information we generate each day.

Chevrolet Suburban

Something that also brought a bright future for Chevrolet is the Chevrolet Suburban keychain. This is a keychain range which consists of seven extremely well crafted designs. The ranges offer two colors. Both the colors are universally liked by Car and speed lover i.e. black and silver.

Chevrolet Suburban is the largest Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) from Chevrolet. This company has been there in United States since 1935. Chevrolet Suburban was first introduced as the Chevrolet Suburban Carryall in 1935. Suburban has been produced under this name for a most anticipated and bright future for Chevrolet.

If you are not too much into style and want something simple you can go for the Chevrolet Suburban leather silver keychain or for the Chevrolet Suburban leather gold keychain. Both the keychains are set in absolute black leather of the best quality and gives you that posh look.

If you are someone, who wants to look different you can go for the Chevrolet Suburban metal oval keychain. This has a mosaic look at the base and a black circle on top, which makes it unique.

If black is not the color of your choice then this range has three silver keychains. These three keychains are very different from each other and each has an appeal of its own. The Chevrolet Suburban valet key chain and the Chevrolet Suburban teardrop key chain have that perfect look for those, who like to leave their keychains hanging from pockets, or who like to use them as zipper accessory.

The best of the lot and the most unique is the Chevrolet Suburban Steering wheel keychain. This looks like a real steering wheel and is tiny and yet is very attractive. For people who love to sport that speed look, this is a great accessory to have.

The Chevrolet Suburban Chrome circle keychain is another design which is there for those who love simplicity and black. All the keychains can be engraved with anything that you want.

The key chains are ones with novelty that will keep the keys in order and in style. They are beautiful pieces of art. The silver key chains have a solid ring with the logo and Suburban written on it. The name and logo is a perfect harmony with the Chevrolet Suburban keychain. The key ring is made of extraordinary quality of stainless steel. It is definitely an excellent piece of accessory that should be bought.

Chevrolet Suburban key chains make a wonderful gift to the guests and friends. It is unique and people can use and take them wherever they go. You can get anything you want engraved on this and give it that personal touch. If you own a Chevrolet car, this makes your car and your look complete. It gives you the custom made finish with all that you want engraved behind it, and all this for a cost of just a few dollars.

Confused about what to present your son, neighbor, husband or boss, give them one of these key chains and you are sure to make their day.

Do You Have A RDX Too?

The RDX, as in Acura RDX from Honda, is a Japanese SUV. This key, on my new custom Acura key chain, operates a worldly vehicle. The creators are Japanese, but it was designed for the American market. The topper is that it drives like a German sports car.

My satin chrome valet key chain is engineered to last a lifetime, just like my new Acura RDX. The valet key chain is designed to come apart so the vehicle key will be on one end and the home and office keys will be on the other. It is really two key chains in one. The Acura RDX is really two vehicles in one, a sporty sedan, and a load carrying SUV perfect for all those outdoor trips camping or skiing. Just check out the innovative storage compartments, plus comfortable seating for five in this shamelessly under priced car.

The Acura RDX is turbo charged, and when it kicks in, it makes a wonderful whooshing sound. It has the same excitement factor when driving that can be possible with the BMW 3 series. You are strongly tempted to pull out all the stops and drive it hard. In a 1,000 mile southern California comparison test with 4 compact SUVs, the RDX came is first, no sweat.

Comfort along with major performance is the goal of over 20 years of research and development. A good example of high tech is the tilt steering wheel which also telescopes. Safety has not been neglected with the Acura RDX. It was rated highest (5 stars) in frontal and side crash tests, as well as having electronic stability control. No wonder this company is a leader in safety, putting into practice their goals of creating and improving an environmentally sound line of automobiles.

Acura’s concern with the environment includes recognizing the impact they have on the community in Lincoln, Alabama where the factory is located. Acura has made it a point to preserve the environment at the manufacturing facility and beyond by installing state of the art pollution control devices. Acura commits to efficiently using materials and energy to preserve the natural state of their factory location. The goal of producing greener, more fuel efficient cars, with lower emissions, and excellent aerodynamic designs, keeps everyone striving to build better automobiles and environment.

Acura has just celebrated their 20th anniversary of producing better and better cars. Among the innovations, are offering up to $1,000 towards the cost of aftermarket adaptive equipment so those with disabilities will have the same opportunities to drive and ride in this vehicle.

Just as the Acura has several models in their line of vehicles, there are also several choices in the style of key chain, you choose to compliment your car. Most of these are designed to be handsome and long lasting, can be customized, and may well be the collectible of the future. So you may want to order more than one of them, so you and your spouse and everyone else in the family can each have one.

The Luxury Of The Volvo 740

When someone says Volvo, the image of both safety and power come to mind. Volvo has developed a solid reputation for these characteristics. However, many of you may not know where and how the company began.

The original Volvo Company was started in Sweden in 1927. “Safety cage and crumple zones” was their motto and this sparked the interest of consumers who were in their 60’s. As now, back then their focus was on the security and safety of all their passengers.

In 1998, Volvo was acquired by the Ford Motor Company to become a member of its Premier Automotive Group. That has proved to be a great investment for Ford.

One of Volvo’s vehicles, the Volvo 740, which was produced from 1984 up until 1992, was said to have a lifespan of a decade. Over the years Volvo has actually been powered by many different engines, such as the four-cylinder in-line OHC, 986 cc or 2,316 cc, six-cylinder in-line 2,383 cc Turbo Diesel.

In 1985 the Volvo 740 SE was introduced. It had fewer options as compared to the Volvo 740 model. But it was a great start for the Swedish manufacturer since it was actually supposed to be a midsize car that offered more style, performance and overall luxury. It had been offered as a four door sedan; initially it was known as the 744. And the five-door wagon was known as the 745. Though production stopped in 1992, the older models were useful. They provided engineering information as well as components, such as the vehicle’s engine, transmission, chassis and many other important parts. This was used when the Volvo 940 was being built.

If you own a Volvo I don’t have to convince you about its luxury and style. You already know how great it is. Now you just know where Volvo started out and how they have successfully changed over the years.

Back Up A Vehicle Safely

Backing up your vehicle can be quite simple, once you get the technique down pat, like anything else. It should be a lot easier than going forward. There is a huge difference in speed, than maneuvering the vehicle forward. Keep in mind. The faster your speed is, the faster you have to process information. That said. Driving backwards should be a lot easier than going forward, because you should be going a lot slower. Now if you’re speeding going backwards, the opposite is true. Right?

When backing up a vehicle, always look in the direction that you are backing. When your maneuvering the vehicle to the left, look left. When you’re maneuvering the vehicle to the right, look right. When you’re driving straight back always look over you’re right shoulder. Always glance over the opposite shoulder first, before you proceed to back up. So if you’re backing and looking right, you should be glancing left first, before you start to roll backwards. Backing to the left, glance over right shoulder first. Always recheck you’re blind spot again, if you take more time, before you roll back.

There are a few things that you have to do first, depending on the size of the vehicle. You may have to honk your horn to worn pedestrians and other vehicles. One important thing you must do is looking around before you back up. The other important thing you must do is look where your backing at all times. The only reason to glance forward is to make sure your front end clears the vehicle, hazard, or pedestrian beside your car if you intend on turning the vehicle. Did you notice I used the word glance?

It’s pretty easy. Driving forward, you look forward, driving backwards; you look backwards until your vehicle comes to a complete stop. Everything else is just a glance. When you must back up, only go back far enough necessary to drive forward, especially if you’re view is limited. Putting it in simpler terms. If you’re vehicle has enough clearance to move forward. Stop and proceed forward. Do not guess. Move back more if your not sure. When you’re not sure which way your vehicle wheels are turned. With your foot on the brake pedal and the gearshift in drive or reverse, depending on direction, release up on the brake pedal slowly and look and see which direction your vehicle is heading, and correct accordingly.

Let’s take a quick lesson on backing up. May I suggest you find a vacant parking lot like a mall or a school when it is closed? Make sure you get out of the car and look around for kids playing first. (Do not attempt this maneuver without an experienced driver sitting next to you or kids playing in the area.)

With your foot covering the brake, slowly release the brake until the vehicle starts rolling. Keep your foot above the brake only to move it to the accelerator to get the vehicle in motion moving your foot back over the brake to keep the car from getting out of control. It’s called covering the brake. Looking in the direction you want to go, place your hand at the twelve o’clock position, practice turning the vehicle from side to side bringing it back to straight position and holding it straight for awhile. Stop after approximately the length of a football field and do the same thing going forward. The reason I would like you to do the same exercise going forward is that soon you will realize turning the wheel going forward is the same as turning the wheel going backwards. Once you turn the wheel right or left. Bringing the vehicle back to straight position will require you to straighten the wheel once the vehicle is straight again.

Repeat the maneuver going backwards until you arrive at the approximate point that you started. Also practice turning the vehicle on a bigger degree of a turn when you get a little more confident. Be certain that you are covering the brake pedal at all times. Slowly backing up to your ability only. Also practice backing up between the lines of parking stalls. Do this a few times or a couple of times a week and you will master the art of backing up safely.

Your knowledge on backing up is equally as important as driving forward. Just remember that doing it safely is the most important part of backing up. In other words, looking around before rolling back and looking where you’re backing. Do not roll back looking forward. Do you look back when you are driving forward? .

Lets talk about the blind spot. Position your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and look straight ahead. You should be able to see out your back window and your side mirrors. Those mirrors are good for viewing traffic coming up behind you. Your blind spot is situated over your shoulders on the backside of your passengers back windows. By glancing in that direction, you will be able to see a vehicle coming along side of you, that you cannot see with your mirrors. Including traffic or pedestrians approaching from the opposite side of the roadway, or parking lots and intersections.

When you want a better understanding of the blind spot. Have a friend or family member stand directly along side the back corner of you’re vehicle, and have them side-step away from your vehicle, and looking in you’re side and rear view mirror until they are not visible, then glance over you’re shoulder. That would be you’re blind spot.

Driving safely is almost impossible without the understanding of your blind spot. All it takes is a quick glance, and if you think you saw something, glance again, before you turn the vehicle wheel, and or move in that direction.

Do not turn the wheel at the same time your checking. It defeats the purpose of checking to see if it’s safe. I like to use the word glance, especially if you’re moving the vehicle. When you’re not moving forward or backwards, take a good look around before you roll. It is important to look in the direction you’re going.

For further information on driving techniques, please find a recognized driving school nearest you.

Change Car To Run On Water

Change your car to run on water – save gas, save your car, save money and save the planet.

Fox News recently broadcasted an interesting and very important video report.

A savvy automobile owner has come up with a very simple yet incredibly efficient way of boosting his old car’s gas mileage by up to 100% - that means several thousands of dollars economy every year.

The creator claims that his developed invention converts water into a gas called HHO (2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen). Also called Brown's gas or Hydroxy burns better than regular gas at our fuel pumps and provides more energy. This process is often referred to as Hydrogen Fuel Cell conversion.

Gas prices are on constant rise and the fuel economy question is starting to get very serious. More hybrid cars are sold all over the world, concepts of electric cars and Hydrogen fuel cell cars are developed in almost any country and finally there is a way for you to add a little something to fuel efficient revolution.

Car owners seem to forget or maybe ignore the fact that they could get better gas mileage simply by changing the way they drive. You do not need to buy an ugly and slow prototype in order to save on gas. You could increase gas mileage of your V8 truck as well! To get better gas mileage you should follow these simple rules;

• Accelerate gently. This will use less gas.

• Keep your distance - every time you stop you will have to accelerate.

• Take your car to a mechanic; simple air filter change or spark plugs replacement could greatly increase gas mileage

• Drive slower. Going over 120kph will use up much more gas.

• Change gears as soon as possible - low gear uses up to 30% more fuel than needed.

Our cars’ engines are designed in such poor way that they only burn about 20% of the fuel – the other 80% is wasted in heat and unburned gas (pollution). When converted to money at 3$ a gallon – per every gallon your car actually uses only 60 cents, and 2.40$ is completely wasted. When you convert your car to run on water, you create a gas which helps burning the fuel in a better proportion.

Instructions on how to convert car to run on water are also available for sale on the Internet. There have been many skeptical people that do not believe in the efficiency of the system – but there doubts always vanish after finding out that the instructions come with 2 month full satisfaction money back guarantee.

Is it not only the “saving money” part that attracts people - when you convert your car to run on water you also increase your car’s engine longevity and you greatly decrease the pollution. The system allows you to burn gas more efficiently – which decreases the noise of the engine and the wear and tear of the motor’s parts.

The system is composed by simple parts that are basically bolted on the engine. It could be done at almost no cost, by anyone and to any car. The system is completely untraceable when taken off of the engine.

Just imagine yourself buying half the gas you are buying now! Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra couple of thousand of dollars for Christmas presents? For a vacation? For a down payment on a new car?

I hope this article gave you enough of useful information to consider converting your car to run on water.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Soul Of Kia

Kia has Soul and is trying to sell it to the American car buyers. But this probably comes as no surprise to the American public The Soul we are talking about was announced earlier this year in 2007 at the International Auto Show. It is believed that this car was named “Soul” to represent the cars Korean origin and the combined efforts of both Korea and their North American counter parts in California. The 2008 Kia Soul combines tastes and design in an effort to bring new life to a concept car that truly does have a soul of its own.

Kia’s new Soul concept car has a design that hopes to attract a younger, more active group of buyers. The modern stylish package offered standard along with new exterior features puts it all together for those looking for taste and style all in one.

The interior of the Soul is cram packed with one awesome and fully customizable multimedia communications system. In addition, mood lighting, a wide cargo area and a remote powered lift gate rounds out an interior that meets everyone’s expectations and then some.

When we look closer at the exterior of this wonderful pint sized new vehicle, we find a roof that houses not just one but two sun roofs, one in the front that is moveable and a rear window that is hinged. This design creates a panoramic sun/moon roof that adorns the Kia Soul’s sloped roofline. This allows Kia Soul occupants to enjoy open-air driving while also taking advantage of panoramic views. In addition, the Soul’s roof features adjustable roof racks integrated into the design. This design is intended to create an open, uninterrupted passenger cabin.

To add additional style to the interior, the audio systems speakers were made part of the overall design by making them a different color than the dash board which allows them to stand out. The small thin framed seats are a slight shade off the color of the speakers, and provide seating for four with a long center console that divides the first and second rows.

With its efforts to appeal to a younger more active generation, and realizing that today’s vehicles are becoming more of a mobile office, the Soul comes equipped with a video game monitor and a laptop computer that swings out of the glove box. The design allows it to be operated from either the driver or passenger side seats.

The hip, urban feel of the Kia Soul is enhanced by unique interior lighting. Rather than utilizing a standard dome light, lighting shines from around the moon roof, as well as from the trim of the door panels.

Kia wants to inspire passion in young car buyers, and to accomplish this, the Kia Soul will provide a unique and dynamic vehicle in the increasingly crowded compact SUV market allowing the Soul Concept crossover SUV to be its roadmap to success.

Kia Motors is stepping outside of the shadow of its competitors and making a significant place for itself in the key SUV sector.