Monday, December 31, 2007

Fiberglass Tonneau Covers, Reduce Gas Mileage

Fiberglass tonneau covers are becoming more popular among truck accessories today. They are very easy to install, light weight, and easy to manage. Even though the fiberglass truck bed covers are light, they are tough and withstand inclement weather conditions and roads with pot holes and dips.

If you want to add beauty to your truck, with simple installation and almost no drilling, this is a long-term investment with which you will be pleased.

Simple lifting without straining yourself and easy access to the truck bed is a feature all tonneau covers offer. Most fiberglass tonneau covers open from the tailgate, and the hinges are present near the bed of the truck.

Fiberglass truck tonneau covers are manufactured so they can be painted and matched to the exact color of your truck. This sleek design and added accessory is a real head turner. Your vehicle will look like it is ready to enter a show because of this simple upgrade.

There are also a variety of covers that have a handle near the tailgate, adding to a more polished, expensive-looking appearance for your vehicle. Along with the beauty and style added, you have increased security of your gear.

How about adding a special emblem for that finishing touch? With many name brands to choose from, such as Access, Bestop, Gaylord, Masters, Pace Edwards, Truxedo, and others, the sky is the limit to choosing the best cover for your truck.

Hard tonneau covers may also come with a keyless remote system, which is yet another theft deterrent and ease of accessibility for you.

Almost all truck bed covers are custom made for your pick-up truck. All the necessary hardware needed for simple installation is provided along with the cover. The covers not requiring drilling are secured to the bed of your truck with heavy-duty clamps.

The hard fiberglass tonneau cover has a special locking systems so the loads kept in the back of the truck bed are secure. Some models even include a wing at the back, which adds to the aerodynamic style of the truck and makes for great savings on gas.

Quite a few truck owners purchase their vehicle to have more room to haul around a variety of gear. They wind up needing to lug their tools in and out of their truck every night, for fear of theft. If the room your truck provides is not secure, then you are literally wasting over 80 per cent of your truck’s space. You can also choose a tool box with tonneau cover, especially designed for anyone owning a lot of tools for their specific trade.

Therefore, it is more important to protect your cargo from getting damaged from not only the ever-changing weather conditions, but from would-be-thieves waiting to steal your expensive property. With the rise of truck break-ins, this type of theft deterrent system is a must.

The designs and benefits of these covers have been refined and improved by constant redesigning and engineering. After researching the price of different truck bed covers, you must decide which one fits your particular needs and budget.

Prior to your purchase, think about all of the ways in which you use your vehicle and cargo area. There are tonneau covers that open in one piece, like the hood of the car, while others can be stretched and locked with the tailgate. New and different styles are being introduced all the time, because truck owners are speaking up and telling the manufacturers what they need.

All the vendors of the fiberglass tonneau cover use the maximum space available, and thus produce the covers all the way to the tailgate. The benefits of these truck tonneau covers are noticed immediately after its installation. You can see the new sleek style of your truck, and feel the added safety and security of your gear.

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