Monday, February 9, 2009

Luxury Cars With Newest Dimensions

Mercedes-Benz B-Class
With the new concept, Mercedes-Benz once again positioned itself as a trend setter among the producers with another vehicle enters the segment of the younger customers. Vehicle Compact Sports Tourer will be the first to meet the needs of customers will be free space, a high level of practicality, the design is interesting and the level of driving comfort.
Mercedes B-Class has adopted a new benefits-the benefits of several types of vehicles and combined to be a new concept vehicle with an interesting and unique as the Compact Sports Tourer. Mercedes-Benz B-Class is a touring vehicle, vehicle and family car in terms of design and dynamics.

One of the main advantages of the Compact Sport Tourer is the sandwich concept developed by Mercedes-Benz. New B-Class offers a wide space of a large saloon cars and estate cars on the side of the compact dimensions eksternal. The length of the vehicle is 4270 mm, usually found in the compact car class. For the inside, the latest Mercedes model offers more than the other cars in its class to offer convenience in relation to, for example, shoulder room, knee room and head room.

Passengers in the back will benefit from the long wheelbase (2778 mm); distance that allows the same room with the knee S-Class. B-Class also reaches new dimensions to the variability and the capacity. Blessing of the compartment floor height can be adjusted, can be separate-separate asymmetric, folded and the rear seats can be released again in front of the additional seats that can also be released, Compact Sport Tourer could be instantly changed from a comfortable touring car into a van that practical . Adjusted to the amount of seating and positioning, the capacity to accommodate the goods can be increased from 544 to 2245 liters (with front and rear seats removed). This is the same as the capacity of a large estate car. The maximum length of the reception capacity is 2.95 m.

CDI diesel engine with high torque unit and fuel to meet current needs with a concept car for the Sport Tourer performance full of ease and pleasure driving with a high level. There are six selections from the 4-cylinder engine with power ranging from 70 kW / 95 hp to 142 kW/193 hp. Top of the B 200 Turbo line have a 4-cylinder engine, a new 2 liter can achieve maximum torque 280 nm from the lowest round of 1800 rpm thanks to turbocharging and inter cooling which also allows the expansion speed of up to 4850 engine rpm. The strength of the Compact Sports Tourer is able to reach 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds, to reach the gear sprint from 80 to five to 120 km / h in 7.3 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 225 km / h.

Suspensi innovation in technology have contributed in a large combine agility, safety and comfort - with all the attributes of this comfortable driving into something important. Electromechanical power steering system mobile latest Servo effect with an electric motor, the speed function in the way of more varied. This means that the Servo system is working better at lower speeds than at high speed, which means driving to be more mild and the conventional system of parking or moving slowly. Parabolic rear axle is a lot of little new development. This has a major contribution to stability, and stability sporty driving, so perfect for driving comfort of the new B-Class.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP ®) have been updated at this time with the additional function: the STEER CONTROL steering assistance system. This is applied together with the electromechanical power steering system, Servo assistance to help maintain stability in the vehicle while be steered.

Other special feature is Suspension's new Compact Sports Tourer, Selective proximity system can adapt the response to the shock absorber in the driving situation. Configuration soft shock absorber add value in driving comfort, and may close when the maximum force is located at a certain speed to maintain stability B-Class.

A unique sandwich concept, which is the space savings, is the main point of the concept of salvation from the B-Class is the latest. Produced in the intelligence, the position of the engine and transmission in a sloping position to share the back and the bottom of the passengers that make the front of the long and effective change in the form at the collision occurred. When the collision occurred, the driver does not move backwards towards the interior, but shifted down the vehicle floor panel. Significant advantage of this concept is the sandwich at the time of going to the passenger seats located 200 mm higher above the zone . This means that in addition to a compact exterior form, B-Class provides a high level of security as always found in the Mercedes cars.

Interior design Mercedes-Benz high standard. Design and a sense of comfort features co-exist with one another, creating the atmosphere that can make the passengers feel the comfort with fast driving in the far distance. Standard specification which includes air conditioning, four-spoke steering wheel with multiple key, arm rest between the position, power windows and the dark glass, plus more high-quality brushed aluminum trim on the center console, tunnel and door panels.

Mercedes-Benz has been the design features of the sporty accents, the look is elegant or sporty attributes of the B-Class. High technology from Mercedes luxury class adds comfort and driving experience in the Compact Sport Tourer. Additional features such as Thermotronic to set the temperature automatically, front seats that can be regulated electrically, the skin material and COMAND APS or Audio 50 aps radio / navigation system.

Mclaren Release Newest Cars

Display cars mclaren MP4-23
Mclaren team launched the car for the Formula One races this season. Display cars mclaren MP4-23 is released in Stuttgart, Germany, recently, not much different with the MP4-22 on the 2007 season. Mclaren only to develop the car body and wheelbase.

Wheelbase MP4-23 will be longer than old series. Modifications to anticipate the use of restrictions traksi control systems and electronic devices that were previously prohibited parlormaid Automotive International Federation (FIA).

In response to the launch of this, drivers Lewis Hamilton and mclaren Hekki Hovalainen optimistic for the race this season. Especially Hamilton. He wanted to feel the champion of the world, such as that seized Ferrari drivers, Kimi Raikonen back in 2007

Williams FW31, New Car

Williams FW31, New Car

Finally, Williams introduce their new car for the 2009 racing season. FW31 officially introduced to the public in the Portimao circuit.

Results bad season race in 2008 hoping to make this team can compete in the FW31 season race in 2009. P

Radical changes in the FIA has been applied to create optimism in teams GPF1 little berubaha, as well as with rival Williams.

Uniquely, Williams keputuan important to take the flywheel to produce their own based on the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, a device with a different battery than what is developed in other teams.

Tester Williams, Nico Hulkenberg be given the opportunity to try on the FW31 this circuit Partimao today. FW31 introduced new color test pattern with a winter only, but for new color authorized future will be introduced in February