Thursday, December 27, 2007

Do You Have A RDX Too?

The RDX, as in Acura RDX from Honda, is a Japanese SUV. This key, on my new custom Acura key chain, operates a worldly vehicle. The creators are Japanese, but it was designed for the American market. The topper is that it drives like a German sports car.

My satin chrome valet key chain is engineered to last a lifetime, just like my new Acura RDX. The valet key chain is designed to come apart so the vehicle key will be on one end and the home and office keys will be on the other. It is really two key chains in one. The Acura RDX is really two vehicles in one, a sporty sedan, and a load carrying SUV perfect for all those outdoor trips camping or skiing. Just check out the innovative storage compartments, plus comfortable seating for five in this shamelessly under priced car.

The Acura RDX is turbo charged, and when it kicks in, it makes a wonderful whooshing sound. It has the same excitement factor when driving that can be possible with the BMW 3 series. You are strongly tempted to pull out all the stops and drive it hard. In a 1,000 mile southern California comparison test with 4 compact SUVs, the RDX came is first, no sweat.

Comfort along with major performance is the goal of over 20 years of research and development. A good example of high tech is the tilt steering wheel which also telescopes. Safety has not been neglected with the Acura RDX. It was rated highest (5 stars) in frontal and side crash tests, as well as having electronic stability control. No wonder this company is a leader in safety, putting into practice their goals of creating and improving an environmentally sound line of automobiles.

Acura’s concern with the environment includes recognizing the impact they have on the community in Lincoln, Alabama where the factory is located. Acura has made it a point to preserve the environment at the manufacturing facility and beyond by installing state of the art pollution control devices. Acura commits to efficiently using materials and energy to preserve the natural state of their factory location. The goal of producing greener, more fuel efficient cars, with lower emissions, and excellent aerodynamic designs, keeps everyone striving to build better automobiles and environment.

Acura has just celebrated their 20th anniversary of producing better and better cars. Among the innovations, are offering up to $1,000 towards the cost of aftermarket adaptive equipment so those with disabilities will have the same opportunities to drive and ride in this vehicle.

Just as the Acura has several models in their line of vehicles, there are also several choices in the style of key chain, you choose to compliment your car. Most of these are designed to be handsome and long lasting, can be customized, and may well be the collectible of the future. So you may want to order more than one of them, so you and your spouse and everyone else in the family can each have one.

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