Monday, December 31, 2007

New Engine Takes Power from the AIR

Inventor “Carl Hefley” states “Our new patented engine uses all types of fuel including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, corn oil, natural gas, propane, ethanol E-85 and even hydrogen enriched-combinations. Hydrogen is considered the “greenest” of fuels leaving only water in the exhaust, there’s absolutely nothing harmful to effect the environment. The new engine can change to new fuels within seconds!

“But that’s not all” Mr. Hefley goes on. “My new engine uses more oxygen that any other gasoline car engine being produced. The air is almost 21 percent oxygen. Gasoline engines for example can use about 12 times normal oxygen levels by compressing the air. However, conventional engines only use these high amounts of oxygen when running almost wide open (where the most power is produced for the fuel consumed). In reality you only need to run your big car engine wide open on occasion. Closing the throttle just starves the engine from using this highly efficient power booster OXYGEN. The answer is simple, instead of throttling back the engine, our engine simply shrinks in size but still runs almost wide open where the oxygen can continue to boost power. When more power is need, our engine just quickly and smoothly increases its size. This makes for amazing efficiency and economy while still providing all the power that is required.”

I asked Mr. Hefley how long it would take to get the new engine in production. He replied, “Not long at all. We have a great advantage since we use many of the well-proven components of conventional engines. No this is not an add-on; this is a completely new patented engine design that just works much better! My new advanced technology is known as variable displacement with variable compression ratio. Many of the top automobile makers have tried to perfect this concept since they know of its advantages. But, we have perfected it and also simplified it. As soon as financing is in place we will move ahead very quickly.”

In looking at Mr. Hefley’s website, I was amazed how clear and precise his 3-D animated engines were displayed. There is one area called The Hefley workshop where the designs were displayed in great detail. As I viewed them, his voice came on explaining them thoroughly. I am sure no other inventor has ever taken the time to illustrate and explain the patented designs so well!

I asked Mr. Hefley about the crossovers and hybrids we hear so much about. He answered. “Our engine works well on small and larger vehicles. Crossovers and hybrids would NOT be required to get amazing economy. However, our engine is easily adapted to work with hybrid and crossover technology.

If you would like to contact Mr. Hefley, try his email below. Be sure to out his website.

Your interest and support will help make this incredible new engine a reality. I can’t wait to start driving my own new energy efficient HEFLEY ENGINE!

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