Monday, February 9, 2009

Williams FW31, New Car

Williams FW31, New Car

Finally, Williams introduce their new car for the 2009 racing season. FW31 officially introduced to the public in the Portimao circuit.

Results bad season race in 2008 hoping to make this team can compete in the FW31 season race in 2009. P

Radical changes in the FIA has been applied to create optimism in teams GPF1 little berubaha, as well as with rival Williams.

Uniquely, Williams keputuan important to take the flywheel to produce their own based on the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, a device with a different battery than what is developed in other teams.

Tester Williams, Nico Hulkenberg be given the opportunity to try on the FW31 this circuit Partimao today. FW31 introduced new color test pattern with a winter only, but for new color authorized future will be introduced in February

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