Monday, February 9, 2009

Mclaren Release Newest Cars

Display cars mclaren MP4-23
Mclaren team launched the car for the Formula One races this season. Display cars mclaren MP4-23 is released in Stuttgart, Germany, recently, not much different with the MP4-22 on the 2007 season. Mclaren only to develop the car body and wheelbase.

Wheelbase MP4-23 will be longer than old series. Modifications to anticipate the use of restrictions traksi control systems and electronic devices that were previously prohibited parlormaid Automotive International Federation (FIA).

In response to the launch of this, drivers Lewis Hamilton and mclaren Hekki Hovalainen optimistic for the race this season. Especially Hamilton. He wanted to feel the champion of the world, such as that seized Ferrari drivers, Kimi Raikonen back in 2007

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