Monday, March 23, 2009

2010 Jaguar XK

2010 Jaguar XK

Jaguar is calling the 2010 XK all-new, but in spirit and execution it looks familiar. And that's a good thing. Rather than a hard-edged sports car, the Jaguar XK has been more of a beautiful, lush, well-appointed grand touring car. The new XK coupes and convertibles don't change that but appear to be a bit faster, more polished, more efficient, and better looking than ever.

Nothing defines the XK more readily than its slinky styling, and the new ones should not disappoint. The 2010 XK models are clearly an evolution of the current car, with familiar proportions and similar profiles. Changes are most obvious in front, with a larger mesh grille below the bumper and a more prominently defined front lip spoiler. In back, the jewel-like LED taillights and rear bumper spoiler have bit more pizzazz. In total, the new XK is a hint flashier than the current car but just as pretty, and it still looks fast even when it's sitting still.

The XK features aluminum construction. Its body/chassis combination is formed from aluminum tubes and panels, glued and welded together like a commercial jet. Jaguar claims the XK has the lightest shell and the most torsional stiffness in its class. That means that it requires less energy to move, yet remains more resistant to bending or twisting over big bumps and bad surfaces, even in open-top form. Those are the ingredients of better handling, a smoother ride, and a more refined road feel.

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