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The Luxury Jaguar XF Diesel S

The Luxury Jaguar XF Diesel S
Since December 2008, Jaguar opened the order for XF-diesel plant edition in 2010. Sport sedan that given the title as the XF S V6 Diesel is still maintaining the dynamic performance line of luxury that the main value of XF Series.

XF S V6 Diesel engine and given the new AJ-V6D Gen III. With a capacity of 3.0-liter engine XF Diesel's able to produce a maximum of 600 Nm Torque. Meanwhile, labor is able to achieve the maximum of 275 hp.

Torque achievement is very big for the sport sedan in general. engine similar to that applied by competed only able to reach a maximum of 500 Nm Torque.

Come to achieve Torque 600 Nm XF Diesel's only takes 500 milliseconds from the lowest position lap machine (idle).

Because it is not surprising when the acceleration to 0-96 km / hour XF Diesel S only takes 5.9 seconds and 80-112 km / h in 3.2 seconds. While the speed is recorded until the end of 185 km / hour (speed barrier system are hampered electronic).

Instead of diesel engine 2.7-liter, which is used variants of the previous XF, XF Diesel Torque S greater 33%. Comparison of this and make the acceleration XF Diesel's 1.8 seconds faster than the model 2.7-liter diesel.

Jaguar also proud of the environmental friendliness XF Diesel engine S. Threshold emissions issued newest product is only 179g/km, or 10% lower than the Euro 5 emissions provisions that take effect in 2011.

"The system sequential turbocharger on the new V6 engine comparable with our performance V8 diesel engine made," said the head of Jaguar engineers Ron Lee.

"Our machine is very unique because it is achieving high performance rotary engine from low in a fast time. And, of course, because this machine can also save fuel and the emissions, "he continued.

Model XF Diesel 240 hp
In addition to S model XF Diesel (275 hp), Jaguar XF also release a model equipped with a Diesel 240 hp. With the same engine, the achievement of energy greater than 16% with 15% instead of Torque model motorized 2.7-liter.

This model requires the acceleration 0-96 km / hour in 6.7 seconds and 80-112 km / h in 3.7 seconds. In other words, the performance model XF Diesel 240 hp only more slowly from his brother a vigorous 275 hp. Meanwhile, fuel consumption is only 14 km / liter.
The Luxury Jaguar XF Diesel S

Diesel engine
Ability performance XF Diesel is not the success of the design and build diesel engine transmission system that made the Jaguar engineers.

Through the support of twin-turbocharger and automatic transmission 5-speed ZF type 6HP28, energy and Torque capable of quickly and distributed to the appropriate wheel drive system.

Twin turbocharger technology-XF Diesel using parallel sequential system. This system is the first in the world that is applied to the engine berkonfigurasi V. This makes the system to be diesel engine 3.0-liter Torque able to produce 61% more than the 2.7-liter diesel.

Effectiveness of the system in parallel sequential turbocharger can be explained by a simple example easily.

When running in the city or freeway routes, for example, the network component variable-geometry turbocharger primary will be working fully, but in the opening low. With the implementation of this fuel savings can be achieved in the maximum.

Meanwhile, when a superb performance requires greater engine on lap above 2,800 rpm, the turbo sekuder maximum work. The process works quickly and lasts very fine, which is 300 milliseconds. With so, the rider will not feel the impact and turbo-lag.

XF Diesel engine systems also mengaplikasi common-fuel-injection Railway latest third generation that has five injektor with the pressure reaches 2.000bar. In each injektor there are seven holes in the cylinder compression space.

Unlike the system of common-conventional Railway, Jaguar has implemented the new model features metering. With this feature Jaguar injektor ensure piezo crystal can maintain the high heat diesel.

Therefore, Jaguar is confident that the methods used in diesel engines XF Series is also remove the emergence of voice compression. Jaguar sound perfection remove the higher diesel engine block after XF Diesel made from compact GRAPHITE iron (CGI) with the aluminum cylinder.

For the UK market (bersetir right) XF Diesel 3.0-liter (240 hp) removed the start price of 33,900 pounds sterling (approximately Rp 572 million). Meanwhile, the model for the highest XF Diesel S (275 hp) starting price of 36,900 pounds sterling. All the models will begin circulating in the market in March 2009.

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