Friday, November 7, 2008

Hummer H2 SUV

Hummer H2 SUV
The destination charge is a standard charge for transporting the vehicle from its point of origin to the dealer. The typical luxury SUV is quite a bit cheaper to get to the dealership than the HUMMER H2. As far as MSRP, the H2 costs about as much as the average luxury SUV (though the average luxury SUV is slightly cheaper).

There's no clear winner between the H2 and the typical luxury SUV in terms of hauling capacity. The HUMMER H2 and the average luxury SUV can accommodate the same number of passengers. The HUMMER H2 is likely a better choice than the average luxury SUV when it comes to transporting cargo, especially if you frequently need to carry a lot of stuff or big pets. Towing is quite a bit more the HUMMER H2's forte than it is the typical luxury SUV's.

While the front cabin in the HUMMER H2 offers a bit more head room than the typical luxury SUV, there really isn't much of a difference. The ampler interior dimensions of the H2 make it significantly more spacious for your passengers than the typical luxury SUV.

The HUMMER H2 is markedly heavier than the typical luxury SUV. Your wallet will hurt more every time you fill up the H2 than the typical luxury SUV because of its larger tank. The HUMMER H2 rides lower than the typical luxury SUV, which is a good thing for its center of gravity and ease of access. The HUMMER H2 and the typical luxury SUV compete for the same parking spaces. The typical luxury SUV's shorter wheelbase may produce a less-settled highway ride but a nimbler feel in daily traffic than the HUMMER H2.
Hummer H2 SUV
The HUMMER H2 has substantially wider tires than the average luxury SUV. Note that wider tires may look and feel better, while narrower tires may improve gas mileage. With its tighter turning radius, the typical luxury SUV is doubtless more agile than the HUMMER H2, something to consider if you do a lot of city driving; on the other hand, note that a vehicle with a tight turning circle may feel a bit twitchy on the highway.

The HUMMER H2's engine is considerably more sizeable than the average luxury SUV's. Note that more sizeable engines may use more gas than smaller ones. Torque is the force that lets you accelerate quickly, and in this respect, the HUMMER H2 is markedly more powerful than the typical luxury SUV. Torque equals pickup, and the HUMMER H2 will have picked up and gone by the time the typical luxury SUV finally gets moving.

Although the basic warranty that comes with the typical luxury SUV is a little longer than the H2's, the difference isn't too significant. As far as after-sale protection against rust, the HUMMER H2 has tremendously better coverage than the typical luxury SUV.

The typical luxury SUV emits fewer smog-forming pollutants per 15,000 miles than the HUMMER H2.

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