Saturday, March 31, 2007

BMW 3 Series Coupe

bmw 3 seriesSince the earliest days of the company, BMW Coupes have been elegant expressions of individual style and passion for driving. By the 1930's, a coupe was widely appreciated as a special automobile for people who regarded automobiles as much more than convenient transportation. The BMW 327 Coupe, introduced in 1938, was widely regarded as a truly outstanding example of that viewpoint and remains a legend to this day.

With totally new looks and thrilling performance, the all-new BMW Coupe once again sets the benchmark for elegant design, luxury and value. In true BMW tradition, it also establishes new standards of performance and driving dynamics with the introduction of an exceptional engine: the first inline six-cylinder engine with twin-turbochargers, high precision fuel injection, and an all-aluminum crankcase.

The performance potential of the new 300 horsepower turbocharged engine ensures that the 335i Coupe delivers a significant improvement in performance while maintaining the efficiency for which the BMW 3 Series is renowned. The 335i Coupe will be joined in the U.S. by the 230 horsepower 328i Coupe.

An additional dimension of driving dynamics with the benefit of outstanding traction is available in the 328xi, the first time BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive has been offered on a 3 Series Coupe. BMW xDrive is the most sophisticated and responsive all-wheel drive system on the market. It has proven its merits, in terms of agility and safety, in the ten BMW models currently offered with xDrive in the U.S.

In addition to the standard six-speed manual transmission, both models will be offered with an available six-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission. Designed for responsiveness, the new automatic enhances driving dynamics without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

The distinctive character of the newest BMW Coupe, internally-designated E92, is recognizable from the very first glance.

Over and above the basic shape of the car and its classic lines, the graphic design of the headlights, the detail of the taillights, the interior and even the exterior mirrors were specifically created for the new Coupe. These unique design elements reflect the special character of this elegant and sporty new car. The driver who chooses a Coupe wants a car with elegant looks as well as driving dynamics. With all this in mind, BMW engineers and designers set out to create a unique yet unmistakable blend of design, features and - most importantly - driving pleasure.

Designed to reflect the performance and elegance in the tradition of BMW Coupes The new Coupe is unquestionably a BMW 3 Series. Yet despite its close technical ties to the Sedan and Sports Wagon, it is unique in its design details. A genuine BMW from every angle, the Coupe is an individualist through and through.
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