Saturday, February 10, 2007

Porsche Boxster scooped

2008 Porsche Boxster: the lowdown
Porsche is preparing a string of revisions for the evergreen Boxster. Due for the 2008 model-year, the roadster will be given a visual nip 'n' tuck, as well as some important mechanical changes.

You'll spot the tweaked Boxster at the front by new LED auxiliary strip lights like on the 911 Turbo, while the disguise around the headlamps suggests that the main lights will also be redesigned. The whole front bumper will be discreetly reprofiled, too.And what about the rear of the Porsche Boxster? Much change there?
LED lights will be added to the rear of the Boxster, too; you can just make out the bright shape of the diodes through the gloom of this scoop shot snatched during winter testing in Scandinavia.

Although these photographs are of the Boxster, many of the changes - including the LED lights and reprofiled bumpers - will also appear on the Cayman coupe. Expect to see the new Boxster at this autumn's Frankfurt Motor Show.
And what's under the bonnet?
Porsche is working on new direct-injection technology for the Boxster and Cayman; it's already appeared on the facelifted Cayenne SUV, and now Stuttgart is keen to share the power and economy gains on its entry-level roadster and coupe.

Dubbed Direct Fuel Injection (DFI), Porsche claims the technology can cut fuel consumption by up to 15 percent, while increasing power by up to 13 percent. DFI cuts emissions by warming up the catalytic converter more quickly, and ensures a sharper throttle response. Better for your right foot - and the planet, then.

DFI allows much more precise measurement of fuel supply and injection at pressures up to 120 bar; it has numerous combustion modes, with different cycles for cold-starting, low-speed driving and performance driving. It should make the Boxster even more responsive to drive.

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