Friday, February 9, 2007

Nissan goes green with fuel cell cars

nissanJapanese carmaker Nissan has announced it has embraced fuel cell technology with a new vehicle due to be ready in 2010. The automaker, Japan's second largest, has previously lagged behind rivals Toyota and Honda in designing environmentally friendly vehicles. However, announcing its Green Program 2010, the company appeared determined to re-establish itself as a company with its sights firmly fixed on green goals. Nissan has set three main environmental targets for the next four years, being to cut CO2 emissions and reduce exhaust emissions, as well as stepping up its recycling efforts. Measures for the plan include the development of a 'three litre car', a more fuel efficient vehicle that can travel 100 kilometres on three litres of fuel, development of its hybrid fuel cell vehicle and the launch of a new electric car. "The Nissan Green Program 2010 provides a transparent view of Nissan's future commitments to all aspects of environmental management," said Toshiyuki Shiga, Chief Operating Officer, Nissan Motor Company. "Nissan Green Program 2010 has been designed to address immediate challenges as well as creating the foundation towards a long-term sustainable business model."

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